Dedicated to Health and Well Being

Our Commitment & Mission

We are an Irish food ingredients company, specialising in bio-active and wellness products. Our commitment is to only develop foods and ingredients that bring out the best flavours, are high in energy and nutritious.

We are committed a product range that is responsibly sourced, natural and we validate the functional properties of each with deep scientific insight.

A little about our team

James Cunningham - CEO
Mr James Cunningham

James and Deirdre run the multi-award winning Mulberry's Restaurant in Galway. They are passionate about food nutrition and have a reputation for great tasting menus.

Stefan Kraan - Scientific Director
Dr Stefan Kraan
Scientific Director

Academically & commercially acclaimed for food and high-value applications of marine algae.

Declan Clarke -Director
Declan Clarke

Declan works with the research community to bring the latest innovations to the foods we develop and to bring our food innovations to wider audiences.

Galway Tribune Article

Read our interview in The Galway City Tribune about how seaweed should be included in the diet.

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Product range

Nori - Health in Nature

NORI Bake simply makes baking better.

Easy to use, this blend of Organic Seaweed enhances all baking. Scientifically blended this bio-active ingredient allows you to reduce the salt and sugar in your baking while increasing hydration, so it not only tastes better, it’s better for you.

What they say about NORI Bake


For Irish soda breads NORI Bake is a perfect ingredient to compliment fresh buttermilk and Irish wholemeal flour. It locks in the moisture and ensures your bread stays fresh

Michael McCambridge CEO Mc Cambridge Breads


The smRt bar is a true innovation in healthy eating.

We use only 5 ingredients (and a hint of essence) so you can snack on the go...and feel good about it. The blend of Organic Irish Seaweed we have crafted for this bar ensures you get your daily dose of essential nutrients, such as iodine.

Iodine is internationally recognised as being essential for energy conversion, cognitive function and healthy skin....while the cocoa makes sure you get the chocolate experience...


What they say about the smRt Bar...

Before I go training, I always make sure the smRt bar is in the kit bag. A great way to get the energy I need to perform...

Just because it's lower....

Yes we work hard to make sure the food you eat is lower in salt, lower in sugar, high in nutrients and essential minerals.

But that doesn't mean we compromise on taste.

We started by crafting foods for athletes and those in high performance sports but quickly realised that NORI Bake and smRt are ideal for everyone on the go and need a little extra lift during the day.....

See below for home baking recipes for NORI Bake...

Dynamic R&D...

Our current suite of products

Over the past four years we researched and developed our range of bio-active ingredients, blended them to ensure superb taste and are now working to bring them to an even wider range of everyday foods.

Wellness & R&D

Our core goal is to continually research the benefits functional foods can bring to your diet.

We are also developing a range to bring nutritional supports to people concerned with:

  • Cardiology
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Coeliac


Our R&R Research Partners include:

  • The Galway Clinic
  • Prostate Cancer Institute
  • Diabetes Clinic, University Hospital Galway
  • GMIT